...And a Happ[ier] New Year!


It's right around the corner, 2017 is coming up fast and I think many of us are ready for it! I've seen many posts on social media about how challenging 2016 was for some, and I think on several levels we can all relate. For some 2016 was full of heartbreak, travel, losses, new family members, new friends, anxiety, depression, parenthood, fears, solutions, problems, etc. Let's just say it was a wild year. On a collective level, I think we all hope for a better 2017.


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New Years Resolutions are often the way in which many seek to start something over that they feel they failed on in the previous year - exercise, drinking more water, making more friends, waking up early... The intentions are great, the execution of the resolution... not so much. Perhaps it is time we start reframing what a "resolution" is.

As I reflected on the word "resolution", I naturally came to the word "resolve" and then I though what a funny idea... "What problem will I resolve in the New Year?" And then I felt a huge burden - Wow. Where do I start?! We enter into a new year with the intention to fix something that is broken, and the reality is that we may have many broken things in our lives. In another blog I wrote, I discussed the idea of reframing how we view the problems we face. So what if we try to reframe this idea of a New Years Resolution? What if we focus on New Years Gratitude? New Years Attitude? New Years Addition? New Years Freedom? Might this help us actually keep our "resolutions" if we could just reframe them? I don't know about you, but the pressure to fix my problems from 2016 seems exhausting! I would much rather attempt something new, free myself of something old, or simply practice thankfulness for what I already have in life. Restoration Counseling's newsletter will focus on 12 tips for a happier new year over the next few months. It will offer fresh ideas backed with scientific information about why these ideas may actually enhance your New Year. Some of the ideas may naturally "fix" your 2016 problems, and some may not - but if it's something new, it's worth a shot right? If you're interested, sign up for the mailing list to receive your first free tip on a Happ[ier] New Year and we'll embark on this journey together!