Therapy that is non-judgmental, 
personalized, and accepting of you.

I am heavily informed by Narrative Therapy. While I allow other types of therapy influence me, I find that Narrative offers you the most space to be uniquely you. Additionally, I am trained in EMDR. This is an amazing type of therapy that truly changes lives. Click here to learn more about EMDR. Narrative therapy and EMDR are friendly to all cultural backgrounds and all places in life. With this stance, I am not your coach or teacher, but I am your confidant walking alongside you in your journey.  Below you can find some of the values that I find key to the counseling that I do.



My job is not to shame you. My job is not to judge you. My job is to walk alongside you as you navigate this life. There is nothing you can bring that is "too weird", "too small", or "too big". We already live in a world of judgment and harsh critique. I seek to create a safe space with you where you can be yourself and check your worries at the door. We're all a little "weird" anyway - why not have a space where you can let it out. 

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 creative therapy for adults and teens in seattle


I value creative approaches. This means a few things for me - I value the unique creative ways you have already taken on the challenges in your life and I want to expand on those. A creative approach works extremely well for children and teens, but surprisingly for adults as well! This also means that I absolutely encourage engaging in anything creative during a session! Whether it is sharing music, art, or other creative expressions - bring it! Diversity, uniqueness, and your journey are of utmost importance to me.


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Restoration is wonderful word because it can mean so many things. What is key about the idea of restoring something is that not only are you making it new again, but you're making it to your specifications. Restoration might mean restoring it to its original form, or it may mean giving it a total makeover to turn it into something you've always wanted. This is how I think counseling can work. Sometimes we want to feel like our "normal" or "old" selves. Other times we have hopes to become something new and different. Whatever it is you want to do, that is what matters to me.

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Another way to think of this is "empowering". However, the word "empowering" implies that I am lending you power. On the contrary, I want to help you cultivate your own power to battle the difficulties you face on a daily basis. The more your power is created by you, the more effective it can be against these problems. Together we can examine your strengths and discover ways to make them even stronger against the challenges you come up against.




You may have notice I seem to ramble on a bit about "story". Well, that is because it is very important to me. Your story belongs to you and you alone. If you feel that you have been robbed of the right to author your own story, then I want to work with you to gain your power back. It can feel overwhelming when problems, like anxiety, are writing your story for you - turning you into the character who wants to take risks, but doesn't because anxiety tells you to fear them. Or the character who sees a goal on the horizon, but feels they cannot achieve it because stress has hogged the storyline. Perhaps another person in an overbearing relationship has taken the pen and begun to write your story. This story, this life, belongs to you - so let's work on taking that back.

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