3 Questions For A Better Tomorrow

We all feel down from time to time.
Maybe it's anxiety, depression, stress, a memory you can't shake.
Maybe you're in a bad relationship, or in a good relationship and waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Maybe current events have you disappointed and feeling absolutely confused. 
Maybe you're overwhelmed and paralyzed by fear.

Maybe it's all of the above.

Well, I want to share a tool with you that can help you start thinking about how to feel better now. It's called "The Miracle Question" (source).

The Miracle Question

After you read this blog. You are going to resume your day as usual. Eventually you'll find your way to bed and fall asleep.  As you're sleeping tonight, imagine a total miracle happened. What if your problem completely disappeared. The stress of it, gone. The anxiety, vanished. And all other pieces of this problem were nowhere to be found. Imagine this for a moment.

Now imagine that you woke up the tomorrow morning (your problem still gone). 

How would you know that the problem has disappeared? What would be the first thing you notice about how you feel? 

Give yourself a moment to think about this.

Okay, now that you have your answer. Here is your second question:

What is the very first thing you would you do differently than today?

Would you talk to somebody differently? Would you stop for coffee on your way to work? Would you make an appointment you've been putting off? What would you do differently if the problem was completely gone? Now take a second to think about this as well. Imagine yourself doing it if you would like.

One more question:

Are you capable of doing this tomorrow?

Now that you've imagined yourself waking up and realizing the problem was gone, and imagined the very first thing you would do differently; is there anything that is stopping you from trying it tomorrow?

Before you write this off as psychobabble (hey, most of the time I don't blame you!), take a second and consider that changing just one thing about your day tomorrow may have the power to adjust the entire day. This is a technique many therapists and counselors use, and a great group of questions to keep on hand when you feel like you just can't go on.

I understand that some of our problems may seem completely out of our control, but if you allow yourself to have power over just one small piece of your day you might notice a difference.

And hey, you never know until you try... right?