Therapy that is personalized for you.

My name is Mackenzi Kingdon, and I am a licensed mental health counselor associate in Washington State (MC.60633251). In my experience, I have come to learn that the most important thing about therapy is getting to know who you are. We all come from many cultural backgrounds - different ethnicities, gender identification, family structures, religions, cities, countries, and the list goes on. Some of us may look the same, but we likely were not raised the same. This is how I have come to understand the world - we are all beings with very different backgrounds. Learning this about you is key to the process of therapy for me. 

I want to learn who you are because what may work for someone else may not work for you.


General & Social Anxiety
Spirituality & Spiritual Abuse

Identity Exploration
Women's Issues
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Other Areas of Focus

Adjustment, Acculturation, Anger, Anxiety, Child anxiety/phobias, Couples, relationships, Cultural adaptation, Depression, Grief, Hopelessness, Immigration difficulties, Life transition, Reconciliation, Racial/cultural identity, Sexual orientation/identity, Spirituality, Stress, Trauma, Work/academic stress, and many more!

On a personal note...

 Photo by jenny hazel

Photo by jenny hazel


I adore being a therapist. It is a great honor for me to meet every one of my clients and get to know them on a deep level. I believe in deepening our relationship by allowing you to get to know me as well.

I have lived in Seattle nearly my entire life. I was born and raised in Edmonds, lived in Kirkland for a brief time, and did my undergrad at Seattle Pacific University. For a little while I lived in Tijuana, Mexico to take a break from school and pursue my budding passions. After returning, I left again for a few years to get my master's degree at Pepperdine University in California. Oh, how I missed Seattle while I was gone! As dismal as the winter can be, I love the rain! I welcome it as an excuse to be cozy inside with a cup of coffee, a good movie, and a blanket.

My husband, Caleb, and I live in Shoreline with our puppy, Zero. He is an Australian Shepherd (the puppy, not my husband!) and is full of love and energy. I am currently working on training him to become a therapy support dog. Stay tuned for updates on that! 

When I'm not in my office, I am spending time with loved ones, painting, or (*let's be real*) binging on a really great TV show. In the summer, I enjoy camping and spending a day at the lake! I welcome you to ask questions about me if you have them! Thank you for reading.



I was trained in Post-Modern therapies, specifically Narrative therapy. While I was trained in many other popular therapies, I discovered that Narrative fit best with what I was trying to accomplish with my clients - to learn their story and support them as they continue to write it.

In my professional training I have obtained specialized experience working with adult individuals, youth, and young children. I specifically have vast experience working with members of the LGBTQIA+ communities and Latin@ communities. With an undergraduate background in theological studies from Seattle Pacific University, I enjoy exploring topics of spirituality of all shapes and sizes. I have taken a particular interest in the topic of spiritual abuse as well. This, however, is not the extent of my interests and specializations!


General & Social Anxiety

Anxiety in general can feel crippling. It can hold you back from seeing friends, family, accomplishing goals, and sometimes even leaving the house. Anxiety usually tells us that we're better off alone because it's too difficult to deal with the discomfort. My approach to anxiety and social anxiety is to help you regain power over it. By using approaches that are specifically attuned to your needs, we will examine anxiety together and find ways to gain control over it.

Spirituality & Spiritual Abuse

With a background in theology, I enjoy working on issues of spirituality with others. Whether you would like support in growing spiritually, or feel that you have been wronged in a spiritual setting - I would like to help. Spiritual abuse is often hard to recognize, so if you're curious if you've experienced this, please learn more on my blog post about Recognizing Spiritual Abuse. For some, spiritual abuse can be severe - being forced to look a certain way, say (or not say) certain things, be in relationship with certain people, etc. Religious groups and relationships are not inherently bad if you have the freedom to make decisions for yourself. It becomes more abusive and oppressive when you are stripped of your rights to be exactly who you want to be. If you have found yourself in a relationship or organization where you feel this oppression and difficulty to have a voice, we can work together on this. This is a tough topic and my approach is to look at every angle of it with you so you can find the power to choose exactly who you want to be spiritually.

Abuse: Sexual, Emotional, Physical

Abuse comes in all shapes and sizes, but it always does the same thing to the survivor - strip them of their perceived power. If you've been in a relationship where you've suffered abuse (emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual, etc.), you've likely felt that there is no way out - that you're trapped and powerless. I want to support you in this. The aftermath of an abusive relationship can leave you feeling weak and exhausted. Together we can work to reenergize and regain control of your own life. Whether it is happening today, or it happened in the past - I can help. I am a certified domestic violence advocate and have specific training for survivors. For immediate support, please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or visit their website at

Identity Exploration

I work with many people exploring sexual and cultural identity. This topic essentially weaves itself into all of the work I do. Finding your identity is a lifelong journey, starting as young children all the way into late adulthood. Our identities are shaped by many things - ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality, geographical location, family of origin, physical abilities, illnesses, etc. Many find themselves to be marginalized in areas of their identity. There are many systems in place that disenfranchise specific identities (especially race, gender, and sexuality). Being oppressed by systems often leads to depression, anxiety, stress, anger, and more - and rightfully so. If you can relate, I want to work with you to explore your various identities and identify ways in which we can shrink depression, anxiety, and other problems.