Do I really need counseling?

Sometimes problems move into our lives - they are usually uninvited, obnoxious, hurtful, and intrusive. I am passionate about helping you rediscover your strengths in order to regain a sense of power over your life. I believe that everyone can benefit from counseling and on the other hand, I know that people can be incredibly strong and resilient. One of the major philosophies at Restoration Counseling is that the person (you) is not the problem, the problem is the problem. So, in short, the answer to this question is that it is completely up to you! Nobody can force you to come, but you must already have a great deal of courage if you are reading this now.

What should I expect from a counseling meeting?

The flow of a typical meeting with a counselor is completely up to you. If you are looking for a meeting full of laughs, simply bring your joyful stories! If you are feeling that you need a listening ear for some of the problems that have attacked your life, the counselor will provide that for you. A meeting can be full of laughter, tears, brainstorming, or even silence! The most important thing is that you feel like you are receiving what you need.

Who can Restoration Counseling serve?

Restoration Counseling offers services to all people! I have worked extensively with children, teenagers, and adults. I enjoy working with people from all cultural, sexual, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. For a more extensive explanation of specific trainings and skills I have, please click here.

What if I have a friend or family member I want to refer?

This is a great question. Often times the best way for a person to start seeing a counselor is by their own decision. The reason for this is that people often find the most benefit from counseling when they discover the courage within themselves to share their story with another person. If you have a friend or family member that you feel would benefit from counseling, simply offer them a link to this website or see if they would like to contact Restoration Counseling by phone.

Can I bring my child in for counseling?

Of course! I love working with children and have great experience. I have particularly focused on children suffering from phobias. I work with children to bring their imagination to life and find relevant ways to tackle the problems that life can bring.

How do I make an appointment?

If it is your first appointment, the best way to make an appointment at Restoration Counseling is to fill out the contact form. Once this is submitted, I will get back to you shortly about scheduling your first appointment. If this is not your first appointment at Restoration Counseling, simply follow this link to make your appointment online or find the "Book Appointment" button on this page. If you are unable to make an appointment online you may also call (206) 929-2738 or send an email to

Will I have to do homework and work outside of counseling?

While this can be a tool used in some therapeutic circles, I typically do not assign homework at Restoration Counseling. However, you are always welcome to bring in things you are proud of or have worked on in between meetings. Sometimes this can be a great conversation starter!