Children are very resilient, imaginative, and creative. They all have unique ways of processing and understanding the world around them. My goal when working with children is to preserve their creativity and use it as a tool against the problems they face. In sessions we can color together, write stories, solve math problems, and use different props and toys to help explain the problems that we face. All creative approaches are welcomed and encouraged. What is most important is that the child feels safe, valued, and understood.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
— Pablo Picasso

Anxiety and Fears

The way that children manifest fears and anxiety can look very different than adults. Some children are more transparent and share their fears with you, others might become more irritable, need more attention, or misbehave. However your child is acting, there is probably a reason behind it. My approach with children and anxiety/fear is to find creative ways to regain power over anxiety. Sometimes it helps a child to think of anxiety as a monster, and they are a superhero. Others may enjoy drawing, building, or creating as a means to express their anxiety. Some children are great story tellers, and some prefer the facts. I seek to understand your child and all of the ways that they are experiencing anxiety. Then I find specific ways to help treat your child based on their talents, likes, skills, and creativity. Thus my approach with children is specifically tailored to their personality for the best outcome possible.

Life Transitions

These days children face many transitions - challenging moves, new schools, divorce, marriage/re-marriage, new siblings, deaths in the family, etc. I want to walk alongside them during these life transitions so that they may find comfort and clarity in confusing times. I seek to learn what is important to children, and help empower them to not feel lost amidst confusing transitions. If you and your child are going through a difficult transition in life, feel free to contact me. I can help walk alongside you both - you are not alone.